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Your Guide in Buying a Whole Home Generator

There is no question as how important and essential having a home generator is. When the power supply of your area becomes unavailable, your generator serves as a power sources that keeps you using your appliances. Even during storms, you can make your family safer and more comfortable inside your place of dwelling.

But there is more to buying a whole home generator than just finding one that suits to your budget. Please read on to learn of some tips n buying a whole home generator.

Your Guide in Buying a Whole Home Generator

Home generators are available power output which is measured in watts. In other words, the power of your generator is based on the number of appliances that it can make to run at the same time. In order for you to be able to know which kind of generator to purchase, you need to have a clear idea on how many watts you need to use in operating your appliances. Your refrigerator, for instance, can run in 600 watts and your portable heather in between 750 to 1,500 watts. During a bad weather, it does not come so practical to run all of your luxurious appliances at once and retain the same comfort in life. Determine which appliances you need to run above the others to be able to figure out the power of generator that you need to have.


There are three kinds of home generators you need to pick between such as the home standby generator, portable generator and inverter generator. The good thing with the standby generator is that once it is installed, it remains in its place permanently and it works automatically during an outage. But then you need to ensure you are hiring the right person to conduct the process of installation. The advantage of buying the portable generator is that you can take them everywhere, provide you position them at the right distance from any building or structure. They also tend to cost less energy. The inverter generator, of course, will be more efficient and it produces less emissions. This kind of generator will be more expensive however.


Generators can be parted from each other in terms of the feature that they do have. Although you want all the features to be available in one generator, it seldom happen. You should take a list of the features that you want for your generator since this will be your guide in buying and choosing. For example, you may desire a generator that has automatic start and several outlets. Check out the web and do your research to be able to know which features of generators are ideal, available and preferred by many other generator owners and users.

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